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Sushil's Musclechef Meals

All our healthy meals are fully customisable so pick your preferred protein, carb, and veg from our menu below or simply email us the number of meals you are after and your Musclechef will be happy to create a weekly meal plan for you based on your goals, preferences and dietary requirements. All standard meals have 180g Protein, 150g carb, and 75g veg. Protein Plus meals have 220g of protein per meal.

Make sure to place your orders for the week as soon as possible before we sell out!

How Musclechef Works

Make your journey a cakewalk!

Step one: Pick your meals

Choose your preferred meal from an array of tasty options we have on our menu to create your meal plan. Our menu is updated every month to provide you with a variety of interesting options. We update our menu on the last weekend of every month so place your orders accordingly.

Step two: Customise your meals

We care about what you like and what you don’t. Customise your meal by choosing the protein, carb, and veg to make up your meal. To further customise the portion sizes or meals, please email us your preference and requirements and we’d be happy to make it work for you.

Step three: Preparing your meals

Sit back and relax while the Chef prepares your custom-made meal. All meals are made to order each week with fresh, premium quality ingredients. We offer meals to suit a range of dietary requirements (Keto, Balanced, Vegan, Gluten-free, Dairy-free). You could make a note of any specific requirements or allergies in the notes while placing your order and our Chef will ensure they are prepared specifically for you.

Step four: Delivering your meals

Your fresh, tasty, nutritious meals will be delivered to your door on Saturday or will be available for pick up from our café on Saturday. All meals are packaged in eco-containers made with renewable sugarcane pulp and transported safely in a chiller truck directly from our commercial kitchen straight to your door. Please leave a chilly bin or cooler bag outside if you will be away during the delivery time and advice location in the notes while placing your order or your meals will be placed in a safe and shady spot at your own risk.

Environmentally Friendly
Sustainable Eco containers
Sushil's Musclechef Meals is an environmentally friendly business so all our meals are served in sustainable eco containers made with reclaimed and rapidly renewable sugarcane pulp, which is 100% safe for use in a microwave, refrigerator, freezer and oven proof up to 220c for 20 minutes
so you can reheat in minutes and enjoy your tasty, nutritious meal.

Want to find out more?

Hear what our Musclechef family have to say!


Wow! I have tried a couple of other services, but this is tasty and much more appetizing with freshness, more flavor and a lot less packaging. 



I was bodybuilding for 10 years and I've never enjoyed dieting this much. Legitimately feels like im cheating



They are great and really good value. My fussy 15 year old will eat them too which is amazing



Your meals are very tasty and full of goodness, unlike the other meal delivery services we've tried which are quite boring and doused in sauces



Meals are amazing, I feel great eating your food and smashing it in the gym



Really appreciate your service you provide and the great meals. Can't thank you enough, you make my life so much easier


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